Introducing Hope Printer

House 3D Printer

Our project is based on building affordable Eco-Houses to provide a home for millions of families


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Overview for governments

In order to help to reduce the housing deficit of each country, we offer to make social housing projects.

We can build more houses with the same budget without reducing the quality and incorporating seismic resistance.

We can reduce the construction time of a 50m2 house by up to 50%.
This allows us to save costs.

Matias Devia

Civil Industrial Engineer , Hope Printer Team.

We can reduce up to 10 tons of concrete for every 50m2 which translates into direct savings of co2

Matias Devia

Civil Industrial Engineer, Hope Printer Team.

We can reduce the use of materials by up to 30% thanks to our precision work performed with 3D printing technology

Matias Devia

Civil Industrial Engineer, Hope Printer Team

World Construction Standard

Our robotic construction method has been developed on the highest resistance standards. Using Chile as a test platform, we developed a model of houses resistant to earthquakes and extreme weather conditions

Constant Innovation

Our expert team is constantly researching and developing new models of houses

Create Result

Our affordable Eco-Houses can help to reduce the housing deficit.

Clever Design

Using our special patentable concrete mix, we can build walls layer by layer.

The triangular design of our walls, allows us to control the thermal insulation and distribute the loads, to make the walls more resistant and efficient.


In the construction of a house of 50m2 we can reduce the time of construction by more than 50% compared to conventional construction


By using robotic technology combined with our special concrete mix, we can save up to 50% in materials and reduce Co2 emissions by up to 30%.